A Beetle Drive to help the Church

A Beetle Drive for Families,  All Saints Hall, Cottenham,  late afternoon on Saturday 25th March 2017. Adults £5, Children £2.50 – Prizes, light refreshments and a raffle.

A Beetle Drive is great fun for families with school age children. Players sit four to table (as in a whist drive).  The object of the game is to draw a beetle before the other players on the table.  Each person in turn throws a dice and draws the corresponding part of the beetle (body, head, legs etc.)  You must first throw a 6 (the body) then you can add the head (5) and the other parts.  The first person to complete their beetle, shouts ‘Beetle’ and play stops.  All then count up the number of parts they have drawn and record that on the card.  The winner of that round will receive a small prize.  There will also be a prize for the person having the highest score over the whole session.

This is a fundraiser for the church refurbishment.  For those too young to play, we plan to have a play area in the hall.

There will be a sign up sheet in All Saints Church from 4 March. Open daily, daylight hours. But, participants are very much encouraged to just turn up on the day. No need to book.