Cambridgeshire Geological Society – Guided walk 21 May – Old and New Bedford Rivers

21 May 2023, 2.30-4pm

This walk, at the southern end of the Ouse Washes near Earith, visits the two great ‘drains’ that created the Washes which now play a vital role in the flood management of the Fens whilst also being an internationally important wildlife conservation area. You will learn about the incredible construction of the the 100 Foot River (also called the New Bedford) by the Company of Adventurers in the 17th century during the ‘Common Wealth’ and the rule of Oliver Cromwell. This is also a good area to visit to understand the changes in the course of the River Great Ouse as it enters the fenland, and its links with the Old West River and the West Water.

Due to flooding of part of the path after the recent (rather unexpected!) high rainfall, we have postponed our walk from Sunday 14 May to Sunday 21 May.

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