My trip to London to sing at The Royal Albert Hall

Sunday July 10th, 2016 By Olivia Joan Morris age 7 

I am very excited because today I’m going to The Royal Albert Hall in London to sing Carmina Burana with my choir Tongue Twisters!  I packed my bag and set off to Cottenham Primary School where I got on the coach and off we went.

The coach ride was very exciting.  I sat at the front of the coach with Kirsty and Felicity.  Kirsty and I liked colouring in my colouring books to help pass the time.  I looked out of the window into London.  London is big and exciting with lots of restaurants.  After a long time of sitting and waiting we finally reached the Royal Albert Hall.

Tongue Twisters sing at the Royal Albert Hall
Tongue Twisters have their own dressing room at the Albert Hall

I was amazed!  The Royal Albert Hall was bigger than I thought.  Queen Victoria had a husband called Prince Albert and when he died she was so sad that she built the whole Royal Albert Hall and a memorial just for him.  When we got inside, Siobhan led us to our dressing room; it had our name on the door and was downstairs in a special place where the audience can’t go!    It was almost time for the rehearsal with Mr Chilcott the conductor so we all warmed up our voices.

Mr Chilcott is a famous conductor at the Royal Albert Hall.  He was very nice and encouraging and told us we were fabulous.  There were 1200 adults singing in the chorus and they sounded very loud but I could hear the second sopranos singing their high notes.

I looked around and saw the organ it was massive!  There were big pipes on it.   I felt very proud that I was singing at this wonderful place in London.  I looked down at the orchestra.  My favourite instruments were the violin, oboe and the harp.

After we had our rehearsal we went to have our lunch outside in Hyde Park at the Royal Albert Memorial.  I had my lunch and then me and some other people from my choir went to do some handstands and cartwheels, it was fun.

Tongue Twisters get centre billingWhen we walked to take our seats at our performance I felt nervous, but I knew that I would have fun.   I enjoyed when we were singing I felt even prouder than before because of all of these people that were watching me.  When we were singing I heard the second sopranos less but when we weren’t I could hear them very clearly.  I thought that the second sopranos were the highest people in the choir except for the soprano soloist.  When the last tune, which was called O Fortuna, was being played I felt sad because I knew that it was almost over.  When everyone did their round of applause I felt really proud of everyone in our choir.  I was so grateful for Siobhan and Tim for this amazing opportunity “O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis!”