Cottenham Renegades RUFC – Spring/Summer Update

As this article is being written, Renegades have only two games left in the season. The new league to which they were promoted has been challenging, no game more so than our first visit to Wisbech on Feb 25. The home team managed to win by 95-7. It was a long afternoon.
The good news is that Renegades have managed to scrape enough points together to stay in this league for another season. Until a couple of games ago, this was by no means certain. This desire to stay up does not reflect any masochistic tendencies – being regularly thrashed is not great fun. However, the league below is beset by cancelled games because teams are struggling to get numbers out on game day. Playing rugby and losing, is a lot more fun than not playing rugby.
The two remaining games in the season are Norwich Union in Cottenham and Sudbury in Sudbury. These are games that are contestable by Renegades and so they aspire to improve their position in the League.
If you fancy trying your hand at rugby, Renegades are always on the lookout for new players. You may have played at school or with a club a while back and would like to get back into it. Or maybe you have never played but think you might like to try it out. Either way, you will get a great welcome if you come along to try out Renegades. Renegades take the game seriously but having fun is what the club is really about. If you are interested have a look at the Renegades website and come along to one of our touch rugby sessions over the summer and meet the players and have some fun!

(Photo by Peter Haigh)