Creating Dream Catchers

Dream Catcher Workshop – Crazy Crafty Chicks at Cottenham Community Centre on Wednesday 20 February at 7pm.

What is a dream catcher?
In Native American culture, dreamcatchers are handmade from a round hoop (often made of willow wood) woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with beads and feathers hanging below the hoop. There’s a lot of meaning in the dreamcatcher: their shape is the circle of life.

Crazy Crafty Chicks Dream Catchers Workshop
Crazy Crafty Chicks Dream Catchers Workshop

Today, dreamcatchers are much fancier and use different materials. Crazy Crafty Chicks February workshop will include a choice of metal, wood, sticks and other materials to create the round or semi-circle base for your dreamcatcher. You can choose to either crochet or use a lacy doily for your centre. Feathers, beads and ribbons of all colours and types and sizes will be available to hang from your creation.

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Wednesday 20 February at 7pm – 9pm
Cottenham Community Centre Coffee Shop, High Street Cottenham CB24 8RZ
Tickets £20 via
Facebook or Eventbrite