Fen Edge Festival Report – 2017

Once again, we enjoyed a memorable weekend of music, food and activities and the weather was kind to us. I believe that the Festival represents all that is good about village life – a very spirited and dedicated group of people come together to deliver this very special event. Consequently, there are a lot of people who were involved who need to be thanked.

The Festival Organising Committee was a great team. These are the people that really make the event happen. The Committee comprised Lucy Dumbrell, Bob Turner, Tom Wykes, Paul Knighton, Linda Cockburn, Peter Haigh, Simon Bye, Paul Mappledoram, Will Stockford, Eileen Wilson and Alex Wilson.

In addition, we also had over 100 volunteers. It is easy to miss the role they play in making the event run smoothly and safely. Thank you to all of you who volunteered. The roll of honour is Graham and Sue Arnold, Louise Augarde, Kathryn Aybak, Richard Blakesley, Tricia Bradley, Marielle and Andy Burgess, Tim and Sara Bustin, Rex Collinson, Louise Cooke, Julian Cooper, Martin and Annabel Croxon, Wendy Dear, Tim Fowler, Liz Gander, Lorraine Goodridge, Alice Gough, Richard Gymer, Frances Halls, Jane Hill, Marie-Claire Hiscock, Charles and Charlotte Hobley, Gaynor Hollander, Noel Hughes, Helen Hurworth, Rebecca Izzard, Sonia Jaczyk, Lin Joyner, Mike Kaloo, Alison and Phil Jones, Sue Kidby, Caroline Knighton, Caroline Lee, Trudy Lee, Harry Lee, Andrew Lee, Alan Leeks, Martyn Leeks, Deborah Loveluck, Linda Lloyd, Pam and Mick Lumsden, Richard May, Justin McCann, Rebecca Molloy, Emma Morel, Eddie and Karin Murphy, Monica and Damyn Musgrave, Mark Nolan, Matthew and Caroline Palmer, Nick Parker, Pri Pinnaduwa, Hannah Piran, Diane, Andy and Nicola Pledger, Cilla Reid, Carol Robinson, Irene and Bruce Robjent, Doug Robson, Andrea and Oliver Sabbatini, Melanie and Rob Sanders, Ben Shimmens, Rachel and Phil Shore, Mike and Sue Smith, Andrew and Catherine Snelson, Leon Stone, Beth Stevens, Shirley and Ian Stuchbury, Jenny Swindell, Bruce and Jane Hutchison, Andrea Cramp, Simon Thomas, Danielle Tompkins. Cecilia Tredgett, Yvonne Walsh, Dani Wykes and the numerous ATC Cadets. My sincere apologies if you helped but your name was not included – thank you all the same.

We received invaluable financial support from sponsors. Particular thanks go to Cottenham Parish Council and the team there who not only sponsored the event but also enabled us to use the Village Green and ensured it was perfectly prepared. Thanks also to Cottenham Village College who also allowed us to use its grounds and facilities. Our sponsors were Malary, Durman Stearn, Giuseppe Piran, Voland Roofing, Cambridge Glassblowing, BV Services, Lynx Autocare, S.H. Harradine, The Curry Palace, Amey Cespa, Aviva, Steve Davies Creative, Travis Perkins, Haart, Tesco, Dentons Carpets, Fellows Brewery, B&C Motors, Screens & Graphics, Cambridge Building Society and Polarglaze. We use the financial support to ensure that the main events are free (like the evening concerts, junior disco and children’s entertainment) or subsidised (like the mini golf and the helter-skelter).

The final accounts for the event are as follows:

Profit from Food & Drink£2,964
Fundraising from Misc. Activities£2,141
Total Income £23,737
Free/Subsidised events£3,422
Marketing and Sundries£2,665
Total Expenditure£17,784
Total Surplus £5,953

Of this surplus, £3,794 was passed on immediately to Fen Edge Community Association (FECA) member organisations and the balance retained by FECA for future grants to other organisations. The main beneficiaries from the Festival were Ladybird Pre-school, Firs House and Telegraph Street Patient Participation Group, Willingham Youth Trust and the Landbeach Tithe Barn Trust. Including the additional amounts raised directly by FECA member organisations over the weekend, that means nearly £10,000 was raised for charities and community organisations in the Fen Edge.

So finally, thanks to all of you who attended. I hope you enjoyed it and see you in 2019!

Neil Gough
Chair – Fen Edge Community Association