Firs House and Telegraph Street Surgery Extended Access (Appointments)

Following the extended access service being rolled out county wide in September this year, Firs House Surgery is now able to offer routine appointments for patients at local hubs at weekends and weekday evenings.  The hubs are based at Nuffield Road Medical Centre, Comberton Surgery and St Mary’s, Ely.  Patients will be offered these appointments if there are no routine appointments available at the surgery.  When making the appointment, by phone or in person, patients will be asked to confirm that they are happy for their medical record to be shared with practitioners working at the hub.  It is important that patients are happy for their record to be shared to ensure patient and clinician safety.  Hub appointments will not be offered if this is refused.  The appointments are for non-urgent, routine appointments only and you will be offered a choice of location.  These appointments do not replace urgent on the day appointments.

For further information speak to a member of staff at Firs House (telephone 01223 234286) or visit the Practice website at or