Russians and the Russian Culture through the Witness’ Eyes: The Cold War

The course is based on the tutor’s experience of living, studying and working in the USSR during the Cold War. This is an interactive course illustrated with audio and video materials and period artefacts, such as propaganda posters, newspapers, photographs, badges, family photos, documents, etc. It explores the economic, political and cultural policies of the Soviet state and the ways they affected the life of ordinary people. The course includes some elements of basic Russian and is supplemented by colourful hand-outs with interactive tasks, e.g. virtual travelling by the Trans-Siberian Express.

Course Tutor: Marina Burrell

Course Information Sheet

10 sessions starting at 10:15 on Tuesday 19 September 2017 at the Royal British Legion Hall, Cottenham and running until 28 November 2017.

Course Fee £54 but FREE to adults receiving income based benefits and their dependants.
Enrol at the first session or contact Liz Milway 01954 250039
Cottenham Royal British Legion, 121 High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB24 8SD