Spring/Summer 2024 | Chair’s Report

Mark Hurworth Chair Fen Edge Community AssociationAs I write the rain continues to lash down and the water sitting on the fields is like nothing I can remember during my 40+ years in Cottenham. I’m sure, like me, you’re hoping for a much anticipated change soon. With our sights set on lighter nights and the emergence of Spring, already evident in the crocus and daffodils on the village green, we can start to look forward to warmer weather and increased opportunities for outdoor activities. Kudos to the many clubs and groups that have braved the winter months and continued regardless of the inclement weather. I’ve been heartened, during even the soggiest of Junior Park Runs, at the enthusiasm and commitment of the many volunteers and runners who embody the spirit of the Fen Edge Patch. It truly is a lovely place to live and raise a family.

Preparation for the Fen Edge Festival, a highlight for many locals and visitors from far and wide, continues at a pace. I know of one couple from the north of England, who time their annual visit to friends to coincide with the festival weekend. This coming festival promises to have something for everyone and will, no doubt, be a popular and well attended event, as always. Further details of events and activities will be shared, as momentum grows. Exhibitors and potential stallholder enquiries can be directed via Rebecca Bell, the Fen Edge Festival Chair (chair@fenedgefestival.co.uk). It goes without saying that events like these require a large number of volunteers. If you can spare a couple of hours at any point during the weekend, please also let Rebecca know via the above email.

Although details are yet to be finalised, and much organisation still required, it is very much hoped that the annual Cottenham Fun Run will take place in July (watch this space for further details). What I can share with you is, that for those of you who enjoyed the Colour Run last year, this will be scheduled to take place during the Festival weekend. With the popularity of the Junior Park Run, it is hoped that by holding the events on different weekends we can encourage more young people from both the primary and secondary school to participate in both runs.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter and looking forward to enjoying the events of the coming year with you all.
Mark Hurworth