Website contribution guidelines

FECA welcomes contributions to its website and Facebook page from its member organizations to highlight/advertise their activities. The purpose of these guidelines is to maximize the impact your post will have on both the FECA website and Facebook pages.

Send your contribution to:

Differences in format contributions should take arise from the different needs of the two technologies.

For the website

Provide a “hero” image of width at least 600 pixels.   It doesn’t matter if it is larger.  This might be the logo of your organization or a picture related to the content. 

Provide a headline and text description of your event.  Why is this important?  Our website is set up so that search engines will index it,  which means that searches on your devices have a good chance of hitting the post. Provide the text formatted as you want to see it.  A Microsoft word document works fine.  You can use bold, italic, headings etc. There is no real limit on the length, but keep it concise or you will lose your readers. 

For Facebook

Provide a title and a sentence or two.    Provide a “poster” that contains details you want to get across.  This should be about 600 pixels wide.

Note that Facebook doesn’t allow formatting of this text; so to highlight things, you have to do it as a graphic.

If you don’t provide the poster, I will cut and paste the contents from the FECA website, but it just won’t do as good a job as a well-designed graphic carrying the same information.


A photograph or graphic can be used only:
• With the permission of the copyright owner
• For a photo that includes adults taken in a private location, with the consent of those pictured
• For a photo that includes children (even in a public location), with the consent of the guardians of those children pictured