Fen Edge News Editorial

The Fen Edge News accepts articles and event listings from FECA member groups, subject to space.

News items, or short term events that don’t meet the publication schedule can be posted on this website and/or on the FECA Facebook page.

The Copy date for the next edition (New Year 2020) is: 28th October 2019.  I will send out a reminder to all FECA member groups a couple of weeks earlier.

Issue  Issue Title Editorial Canvas Date Copy Date 
107 Spring/Summer 2020 Fri 7/2/2020 Mon 24/2/2020
106 New Year 2020 Fri 11/10/2019 Mon 28/10/2019

Please note the following:
• If you are unsure about creating content, I’m happy to do an interview with you.
• Photos are welcome (300 dpi min resolution for print), and will be used as space and quality permits.
• I will edit for language if necessary, and may need to edit for length in order to fit the material to the available space, or I may come back to you if I need help reducing length.
• If I run out of space, articles that arrive last may not make it into the edition, even if they arrive before the copy date.

I welcome attractive Fen Edge local photos for the front cover.

For a photo to be published:
• It must have the permission of the copyright owner (this will be acknowledged in the edition if the information is provided)
• A photo that includes adults taken in a private location must have the consent of those pictured
• A photo that includes children (even in a public location) must have the consent of the guardian(s) of those children pictured.  If necessary I can obscure details so that individuals are not identifiable.

Adrian Stephens
Editor Fen Edge News, Fen Edge Community Association

FEN Autumn 2019 ISSUE 105
FEN Autumn 2019 Issue 105